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      Bezel-Set Emerald and Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet

      $ 1,000.00$ 10,000.00
      • GBP: £ 827.28 - £ 8,272.80
      • EUR: € 953.90 - € 9,539.00
      • INR: ₨ 83,187.00 - ₨ 831,869.96

      Five Stone Emerald Station Bracelet

      $ 4,896.00
      • GBP: £ 4,050.36
      • EUR: € 4,670.29
      • INR: ₨ 407,283.53

      Pave-Set Emerald Bar Bolo Bracelet

      $ 1,314.00
      • GBP: £ 1,087.05
      • EUR: € 1,253.42
      • INR: ₨ 109,307.71

      Princess-Cut Diamond and Emerald Tennis Bracelet

      $ 18,000.00
      • GBP: £ 14,891.04
      • EUR: € 17,170.20
      • INR: ₨ 1,497,365.94

      Solitaire Round Emerald Bracelet

      $ 3,861.00
      • GBP: £ 3,194.13
      • EUR: € 3,683.01
      • INR: ₨ 321,184.99

      Emerald Green Bracelets - A Mesmerizing Symphony of Color and Brilliance

      Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing symphony of colour and brilliance with emerald green bracelets at Gold Hartz. Our collection showcases the captivating allure of emerald gemstones, radiating elegance and sophistication. Each bracelet is thoughtfully crafted to highlight the natural beauty of emeralds, adorned with intricate designs that enhance their allure. Whether you prefer the classic combination of emerald and diamonds or the elegance of emerald and gold, our collection offers a diverse array of styles to suit your personal taste. Embrace the timeless beauty of emerald green bracelets and make a striking statement of refined luxury.

      Personalized Emerald Bracelets - A Touch of Individuality and Glamour

      Make a statement of individuality and glamour with personalized emerald bracelets at Gold Hartz. Our collection offers a range of customizable options, allowing you to design a bracelet that reflects your unique style and personality. Choose from various metals, settings, and designs, and have your emerald bracelet personalized to perfection. Experience the joy of wearing a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that exudes elegance and celebrates your individuality.

      Emerald Tennis Bracelet – Timeless Sophistication in a Graceful Band

      Experience timeless sophistication with an emerald tennis bracelet from Gold Hartz. This classic design features a continuous line of enchanting emerald gemstones, delicately set in a graceful band of your choice. Whether it’s white gold or silver, our emerald tennis bracelets offer a touch of refined elegance to elevate any ensemble. Adorn your wrist with the captivating allure of emeralds in a design that epitomizes grace and style.

      Emerald Bracelet Benefits – Embrace the Mystical Energies of Emeralds

      Embrace the mystical energies of emerald bracelet benefits at Gold Hartz. Emeralds are believed to possess various beneficial properties, such as promoting mental clarity, enhancing intuition, and attracting abundance. They are associated with love, harmony, and the renewal of energies. Adorn your wrist with an emerald bracelet and experience the enchanting aura of this captivating gemstone, known for its positive influence on one’s life.


      1) What are the benefits of an emerald bracelet?
      Emerald bracelets are believed to bring mental clarity, love, and harmony. They are thought to attract prosperity and abundance while enhancing intuition and providing emotional healing.

      2) Can emeralds be worn in a bracelet?
      Yes, emeralds can be worn in a bracelet for their positive energies and healing properties. It is a popular choice for jewellery due to its captivating beauty and mystical attributes.

      3) How long does an emerald last?
      With proper care, emeralds can last for generations. Regular maintenance and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures will help preserve the beauty and durability of the gemstone.

      4) Does emerald bring luck?
      Emeralds are often considered a symbol of luck and good fortune. They are believed to attract positive energies and bring prosperity and success to the wearer.

      5) Who wears emeralds?
      Emerald is associated with the astrological signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Libra. However, anyone who admires the beauty and energies of emeralds can wear them for their positive influence and refined elegance.

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