AAAA Tanzanite (Cush 6×6 mm) 1.00 ctw

This AAAA-graded tanzanite gemstone is a stunning choice for those looking for a unique and high-quality piece of jewelry. The tanzanite stone has a captivating deep blue color. Tanzanite is a rare gemstone, making this piece even more valuable. This raw tanzanite is pleochroic and is also called the ‘gemstone of a generation’ or the ‘gemstone of the 20th century’. The AAAA grade signifies that this gemstone has the best color, clarity, and overall quality, which makes it perfect for a special occasion like an engagement, anniversary, or gift.



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CARAT: Total weight of the gem is 1.00 ctw
CUT: The gemstone is beautifully cut in the cushion shape
SIZE: It comes with the size of 6×6 mm
GRADE: The gem is AAAA graded
ORIGIN: Tanzanite comes from the Merelani foothills of Tanzania
PLEOCHROIC NATURE: It is said that this gemstone is pleochroic because it changes color when you will change its position
CELESTIAL BEAUTY: Blue, one of the world’s most popular colors, makes tanzanite the most loved gem. The mysterious blues and enchanting violets of tanzanite create a mystique that easily intrigues us all
MINING: To protect tanzanite reserves, the Tanzanian government has imposed strong regulations and taxes for its mining
FUN FACT: It is scarce and can only be found in one place on earth. It is said that there are only five to six years of mining left for this stone



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