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Spessartine Garnet 6.5×4.5mm Set of 3 Oval 2.05ctw

Set of 3 Serengeti Spessartine garnet minimum 2.05ctw 6.5×4.5mm oval. The gemstones were mined in Tanzania and cut in India.

A striking, vibrant orange gemstone from the garnet family, Serengeti Spessartite(TM) was first discovered in 2007 in Tanzania very near the Serengeti National Park. It is 100% natural in color and has one of the highest refractive indices of all colored gemstones. Many have described this exciting find as “the discovery of the decade” and Jewelry Television is pleased to bring this vibrantly colored orange beauty to you. Serengeti Spessartite(TM) available only at Jewelry Television and


$ 30.00

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Spessartite Gemstone & Information
While it was once just a collector’s gem, spessartine, an orange variety of garnet, made its move into the mainstream during the 1990s when new deposits were discovered in Africa. Like most garnets, spessartine is typically untreated, so the beautiful color and clarity that you see in them is just as nature created it. Spessartine garnet is named after its first discovery in Spessart, Bavaria, in the mid 1800’s.



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