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Tsavorite Garnet Set of 5 2.36ctw

Set of 5 Tanzanian tsavorite garnet 2.36ctw mm varies mixed shapes and sizes. The gemstone was mined in Tanzania and cut in India.

Product TypeGemstone Set
Country of OriginIndia
Piece Count1


$ 225.00

  • GBP: £ 186.14
  • EUR: € 214.63
  • INR: ₨ 18,717.07

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Tsavorite Gemstone & Information
Tsavorite is one of two green varieties of garnet, though arguably the more important of the two. Especially in smaller sizes, tsavorite creates competition for emerald because it is less included, rarely treated and more durable. Like some emerald and green tourmaline, tsavorite garnet owes its green hues to the presence of vanadium and chromium. First discovered in Tanzania in 1967 and a few years later in Kenya, tsavorite’s name pays homage to the nearby Tsavo National Park.

Gemstone SpeciesGarnet
Carat Weight2.36 ctw
Gemstone ShapeMixed Shapes
CutMixed Cuts
Gemstone ColorGreen
Gemstone CompositionNatural
EnhancementNo Known Treatment
Material CompositionNatural
Origin CountryTanzania, United Republic Of



Metal Type

platinum, Silver

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