AAAA Tanzanite (Ovl Free Size) 15.20 ctw

Isn’t this refined piece of beauty simply enthralling? The finely faceted gem is what you need to make your next bling simply exotic and shine like a celestial object. It will be a sin to miss out on this fine piece so make sure that you collect it.


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CARAT WEIGHT: The enchanting gemstones come with a weight of 15.20 ct.
GRADE: The gem is AAAA graded which makes it a collector’s catch
SHAPE: It is precisely faceted in an oval shape for an enchanting appeal
FINEST FINISH: After cutting, the gem is faceted to a free size with a fine finish
HARDNESS: tanzanites ranks 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness
CELESTIAL BEAUTY: tanzanites are known for their enchanting blue hues



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