Ethiopian Blue Opal 5mm Round Cabochon Set .90ctw

Set of 3 Galinieri Ethiopian Opal™ average .90ctw 5mm round cabochon. Gemstone mined in Ethiopia and cut in India.

One of Africa’s finest songbirds is most often seen flying around the highlands of Ethiopia. This beautiful blue crooner’s reputation for soothing song makes JTV proud to give you Galinieri Ethiopian Opal. Just as its namesake is easily noticed as it chirps its sweet melody, Galinieri Ethiopian Opal will stand out in your gemstone collection as a unique blue gemstone unlike anything else you own. These mesmerizing, play-of-color gems are natural Ethiopian opals transformed using 21st century technology. Galinieri Ethiopian Opal is dyed an intense shade of blue that will have you singing its praises. As with any dyed gemstone, it is advised that you clean your gem with a soft cloth, avoiding chemicals. If set into jewelry, remind your jeweler to remove your stone before heat is applied, and keep your gem away from unnecessary fluids and oils. As Jewelry Television continues to open the world of gemstones to everyone, we strive to be the leader in bringing the most innovative gems to our valued customers. Indulge today in the exotic beauty of Galinieri Ethiopian Opal, available exclusively at Jewelry Television and


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While we often think of opal in terms of phenomenal play of color, this gemstone family is full of other unique and appealing members that have their own allure. Gems can be transparent, translucent or opaque and form in almost any color in many locations around the world. Get to know all the varieties of this unique family by looking at our fire opal, dendritic opal, hyalite, Caramel Spice Opal (TM), Morado Opal (TM), along with even more blue, pink and green varieties. With such an endless array, opal truly is the ‘Queen of Gemstones’.

Gemstone SpeciesOpal
Carat Weight0.9 ctw
Gemstone ShapeRound
Gemstone Dimensions5.00mm L x 5.00mm W
Gemstone ColorBlue
Gemstone CompositionNatural
Material CompositionNatural
Origin CountryEthiopia



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