Mojave Blue Turquoise (Cush 18×13 mm) 10.00 ctw

Mojave Blue Turquoise is a mesmerizing gemstone that captivates with its stunning blue hues and unique patterns. It is a result of a fascinating process that involves infusing natural Kingman Turquoise with bronze metal to create its distinctive appearance. The gemstone showcases a striking blend of blue shades, from vibrant sky blue to deeper teal tones, often complemented by a web-like matrix that adds character and depth. Mojave Blue Turquoise is treasured for its vibrant color, durability, and natural beauty.


CARAT: Total weight of the gem is 10.00 ctw
CUT: The gemstone is beautifully cut in the cushion shape
SIZE: It comes with the size of 18×13 mm
FUN FACT: It is a gemstone that brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any jewelry piece, making it a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts and collectors alike


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