Sphalerite 7mm Round 1.75ct

Spanish sphalerite minimum 1.75ct 7mm round. Colors will vary. The gemstone was mined in Spain and cut in Sri Lanka.

An uncommon treasure for gemstone collectors, sphalerite is a gem that has few peers in the realm of gemstones. With 3.5 times more dispersion than diamond, its fiery beauty makes it a gem in high demand with gem lovers across the globe. While prized by collectors, the availability of gem quality material is, at best, quite scarce. Historically, Spain has been regarded as the premier source for the finest quality gems. When fashioning rough material into gems, it is all about the lapidary and the cutting process. Sphalerite presents great challenges to the gem cutter due to its lack of hardness, perfect cleavage and brittle nature. Yet, once a gem has been properly cut and polished, the final result is spectacular as the gems internal and external beauty has been revealed! Mother Nature wasn’t shy as she was mixing sphalerite’s formula. It is a zinc sulfide that contains varying amounts of iron, which determine its final color or blends of color. Named from the Greek sphaleros, meaning deceptive, its name is well deserved as it presents identification difficulties in the field without proper gemological tools. A gem not often seen, we invite you to discover the brilliance of sphalerite today at Jewelry Television and jtv.com.


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Gemstone SpeciesSphalerite
Carat Weight1.75 ctw
Gemstone ShapeRound
Gemstone Dimensions7.00mm L x 7.00mm W
CutMixed Cuts
Gemstone ColorRed
Color Grade5
Gemstone CompositionNatural
EnhancementNo Known Treatment
Material CompositionNatural
Origin CountrySpain



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